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This website is dedicated to what is known as the Bogle-Chandler case -- the deaths of Dr Gilbert Bogle and Mrs Margaret Chandler on a Sydney riverbank, in 1963.

The Bogle-Chandler case was one of the most baffling criminal cases in Australian history. Millions of newspapers were sold on the back of a story which seemed to contain all the right ingredients -- sex, romance, murder, a high-society party, an exotic and unidentified poison, and the shadowy world of international espionage.

In Brief

On the morning of 1 January 1963, two youths went hunting for golf balls near Fuller's Bridge, on the Lane Cove River in suburban Sydney. They found the body of Dr Gilbert Bogle beside a dirt track running beside the river. When police arrived, the body of Mrs Margaret Chandler was found several metres away.

Both Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler had been at a New Year's Eve party in Chatswood, several kilometres from the Lane Cove River.

Mrs Chandler's husband, Geoffrey, had attended the Chatswood party. However he'd left to attend another party and meet a girlfriend. Despite returning to the Chatswood party, he'd left again with the understanding that Dr Bogle would take his wife home.

When the bodies were discovered, it was apparent that Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler had been poisoned. Forensic testing could find no trace of poison, however, and speculation about the nature of Bogle’s work led many to believe that he had been assassinated.

However in 2006 the documentary film-maker Peter Butt presented an alternative theory. He suggested that Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler had been killed accidentally when hydrogen sulfide gas leaked from the nearby Lane Cove River.

So what actually happened, and how? This website attempts to explain both the known facts and the speculation. Please use the links below to find out more.

      The Party
      Mr Chandler's Movements
      At Fuller's Bridge
      The Investigation
      The Inquest
      The People Involved
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